Examining Preventive Cancer Screening Rates among Vulnerable Adults in New Hampshire

Quality of Life Rack Card

  • This rack card is designed to be printed 4″ x 9″. You may also ask your printer to adjust it to your organization’s standard rack card size as it is designed to be universal.

2015 – 2020 NH Cancer Plan

Spiritual Care Report

Clinical Trials Currently Available in New Hampshire

Resource List for Preventing and Treating Youth Tobacco Use

2013 Palliative Care Survey Report

Survivorship Care Plan Template

NH Cancer Plan, 2010-2014

Your Plan of Care Survivorship Brochure

Barriers to Participation in Cancer Clinical Trials in New Hampshire

Emerging Issues publications

Breastfeeding and Cancer Prevention, April 2017

Colorectal Cancer Screening Modalities, January 2017

Heritable Cancer Risk, June 2016

Aspirin for Cancer Prevention, February 2016

Breast Density, October 2015

Immunotherapy: Targeting Cancer with the Immune System, August 2015

Excess Weight Gain During Youth and the Future Risk of Cancer, March 2015

The HPV Vaccine, December 2014

Precision Medicine: How Genetic Sequencing is Changing Cancer Care, August 2014

E-cigarettes and Health, March 2014

Overdiagnosis of Cancer, December 2013

Radon and Cancer, September 2013

Clinical Trials, June 2013

Lung Cancer Screening, March 2013

Taking the Fear Out of Palliative Care, July 2012

Weight and Breast Cancer Brief, June 2011

Prostate Brief, February 2011

Radiation Issue Brief

Sound Science – Studies

Vitamin D and Cancer Fact Sheet

Emerging Issues – Cancer in NH

Emerging Issues – Cancer in NH Executive Summary

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