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Investigation of Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) Cases in the Rye Area, Prepared by: New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health Services 2/2/16

California Lawmakers Vote To Raise Smoking Age To 21, NHPR, 3/10/16

Tobacco use down, vaping up, Fosters – Seacoast Online, 3/6/16

My Turn: New Hampshire shouldn’t put more restrictions on school-based research, Concord Monitor, 3/2/16

Pediatric ‘cancer cluster’ detected Rare illnesses found in Rye, Portsmouth, Greenland, New Castle and No. Hampton, Seacoast Online, 2/28/16

Cigarette smoking at an all-time low among American adults, Daily News, 2/23/16

Lung Cancer Survivors Get Lots Of PET Scans In Some Hospitals, But They’re Still Not Surviving Any Longer, Medical Daily 2/23/16

Agonizing over the right to die, The Washington Post, 2/20/16

Cancer research moves to the cloud to improve patient care, STAT, 2/17/16

NH Health Protection Program: Affordable Health Care Coverage for Nearly 48,000 Granite Staters, New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute, 2/4/16

Researchers Take Aim at Metastatic Breast Cancer, Wall Street Journal, 2/15/16

The ‘Crisis’ of Low HPV Vaccination Rates: A Conversation with Dr. Noel Brewer, National Cancer Institute, 2/2/16

The Importance Of Promoting Tobacco Cessation Services For Medicaid Beneficiaries, Health Affairs Blog, 2/11/16

N.H. City Expands Smoking Ban to Include E-Cigarettes, NHPR, 2/11/16

New Hampshire city bans use of e-cigarettes, Washington Times, 2/11/16

Hospice patients get too little care in last days of life, study says, UPI, 2/9/16

A Group Of Vermont Teens Is Speaking Out Against E-Cigarettes, VPR, 2/9/16

Earlier and More Frequent Tanning Bed Use by Women Associated With Melanoma Incidence and Age at Diagnosis, Oncology Nurse Advisor, 2/8/16

Moving Forward With Cancer Prevention, Huffington Post, 2/5/16

American Lung Association’s ‘State of Tobacco Control 2016’ Report Finds NH Failing in Efforts to Save Lives by Reducing Tobacco Use, American Lung Association, 2/6/16

Reported use of cigarettes and alcohol down sharply in N.H. schools, but e-cigarette use is soaring, Concord Monitor, 2/5/16

Insurer’s Approval Of Genetic Testing For Some Cancers Raises Questions, Kaiser Health News 2/2/16

White House To Request $1 Billion For Cancer ‘Moonshot’, NHPR, 2/1/16

CDC Endorses A More Effective HPV Vaccine To Prevent Cancer, NHPR, 2/1/16

Initiation of HPV Vaccination Highest Among High-poverty and Majority Hispanic Communities, Oncology Nurse Advisor 1/28/16

Top US Cancer Centers Call for Greater Uptake of HPV Vaccine, Medscape, 1/27/16

Smoking Can Reduce Survival of Breast Cancer Patients, AJMC, 1/27/16

Program to reward Winchester landlords for smoke-free housing, Sentinel Source, 1/26/16

Non-recommended Screenings for Prostate, Breast Cancer May Be Common in Older Adults, Cancer Therapy Advisor, 1/22/16

Consumer And Research Groups Release Cancer Guides For Patients, Kaiser Health News, 1/22/16

Computational Analysis of Breast Cancer Finds That Many Cell Types Correlate with Patient Survival and Genomic Features, NewsWise, 1/21/16

Precision medicine not a key goal for hospitals, health systems, Fierce Health IT, 1/20/16

My Turn: As I walk with cancer, I hope New Hampshire is a ready for a respectful discussion about ‘death with dignity’, Concord Monitor 1/20/16

First-of-its-kind Dartmouth study compares end-of-life care between seven countries, Union Leader, 1/19/16

A Cancer ‘Moonshot’ Needs Big Data, Wall Street Journal, 1/14/16

Doctors Respond To Obama’s Ambitious Moonshot To Cure Cancer, NHPR, 1/13/16

Vice President Biden will head pursuit of cancer cure, USA Today, 1/12/16

Federal Panel Finalizes Mammogram Advice That Stirred Controversy, NHPR, 1/12/16

Breast Cancer Screening Final Recommendations, US Preventive Services Task Force

Final Recommendations on When to Start Getting a Mammogram, Wall Street Journal, 1/11/16

Congress approves bill to require childproof packaging for e-cigs, USA Today, 1/11/16

Drug Companies to Try a Unified Front Against Cancer, New York Times, 1/11/16

Secondhand smoke hits almost half of teens who don’t smoke, Washington Post, 1/11/16

Use of Electronic Cigarettes May Not Be Any Safer Than Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes, Oncology Nurse Advisor, 1/7/16

Cancer Statistics Report: Death Rate Down 23% in 21 Years, American Cancer Society, 1/7/16

Can there be too much cancer screening? Concord Hospital, Sen. Ayotte tackle the question, Concord Monitor, 1/6/16

Medicaid Programs Fall Short When It Comes To Helping Smokers Quit, NPR, 1/5/16

New Year’s Resolution #1: Practice Safe Skin to Prevent Skin Cancer, Melanoma Foundation of New England, 1/4/16

ACOG Recommends Primary HPV Screening as Alternative to Cytology in Those 25 Years and Older, Cancer Therapy Advisor, 1/4/16

Medicare is changing: What’s new for beneficiaries, The Washington Post, 1/4/16

Should you worry about the radiation from CT scans?, The Washington Post, 1/4/16

Editorial: CDC Proposes Opioid Guidelines, Valley News, 1/3/16

NH offers free nicotine patches to help kick habit in 2016, Fox Boston, 12/30/15

ICUs: Time to Overcome Resistance to Palliative Care Services, Medscape (subscription required) 12/28/15

Medicare Payment Changes Lead More Men To Get Screening Colonoscopies, Kaiser Health News, 12/24/15

FDA Proposes an Age Limit for Tanning Beds, TIME, 12/18/15

FDA Moves to Keep Teens Out of Tanning Beds, WebMD, 12/18/15

Mastectomy No Better Than Lumpectomy For Early Breast Cancer, NHPR, 12/11/15

When a Free Check-Up Isn’t Really Free, US News & World Report, 12/10/15

National Report: New Hampshire Ranks 47th in Protecting Kids from Tobacco, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, 12/8/15

Doctor urges more emphasis on palliative care, Seacoast Online, 12/6/15

Specialty Drugs Can Prove Expensive Even With Medicare Coverage, NHPR, 12/3/15

E-cigarette use among high school students nearly triples from 2013-2014, The council of state governments knowledge center, 12/2/15

Deficiencies In End-Of-Life Care Extend Across Ethnicities, Kaiser Health News, 11/23/15

Found too late: Cancer preys on rural Americans, USA Today, 11/12/15

Prostate Screening Drops Sharply, And So Do Cancer Cases, NPR, 11/18/15

Low Income Is a Barrier to Clinical Trial Enrollment, Study Suggests, National Cancer Institute, 11/16/15

As local cancer centers grow, hospitals look for ways to advertise their superiority, Modern Healthcare 11/14/15

Preventable Colon Cancer Deaths Cost The Economy $6.4 Billion, NHPR 11/13/15

Rebates a cost-effective way to boost healthy eating among low-income people, study finds, 10/6/15

Shared Decision Making to Improve Cancer Screening Choices, National Cancer Institute

Federal Government Wants To Ban Smoking In Public Housing, NHPR

Sickest states do little to snuff out smoking, USA Today, 11/10/15

Cancer widow, nurse urges others to talk about death, Fosters, 11/8/15

If Cancer Becomes Biden’s Cause, a Bold but Polarizing Doctor Is On Call, NY Times, 11/1/15

Processed meat can cause cancer, Science Daily, 10/27/15

FDA approves new treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer, FDA Press Release, 10/22/15

Cancer Group Now Says Most Mammograms Can Wait Till 45, NHPR, 10/20/15

A New Prescription for Cancer Patients: Exercise, US News & World Report, 10/20/15

Former Miss NH, a breast cancer survivor, works to inspire others, WMUR, 10/10/15

Breast Cancer Gene Test Helps Predict Who Can Skip Chemo, NHPR, 9/28/15

FDA Orders 4 Cigarette Products Pulled From The Market, NHPR, 9/15/15

Study: Teens using e-cigs much more likely to start smoking cigarettes, Washington Post, 9/8/15

High schoolers use e-cigarettes to vape marijuana, U.S. study, Reuters, 9/7/15

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Employees Tapped for Cancer Collaboration Board, 2nd article down, Valley News, 8/30/15

Poll Finds Most Women Believe Mammograms Should Be Done Annually, NHPR, 8/28/15

FDA Warns Tobacco Companies Advertising ‘Natural’ Cigarettes, NHPR, 8/27/15

Vaping’s growing market, Union Leader, 8/22/15

Jimmy Carter’s cancer: What a family history of cancer means for you, CNN, 8/20/15

NH Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration Welcomes New Members to its Board of Directors, NH CCC Press Release, 8/12/15

Health Disparities: The Basics, APHA “Get the Facts” brochure

Medicare, Reversing Itself, Will Pay More for an Expensive New Cancer Drug, NY Times, 8/8/15

Effective Ovarian Cancer Treatment Is Underused, Study Finds, NY Times, 8/3/15

Unregulated E-Cigarettes Called Unacceptable by ASCO, Cancer Therapy Advisor, 7/28/15

Rehab Before Cancer Treatment Can Help Patients Bounce Back, NHPR, 7/29/15

Doctors Speak Out Against ‘Unsustainable’ Rise In Cancer Drug Prices, NHPR, 7/24/15

Sitting Too Much Increases Cancer Risk in Women, American Cancer Society, 7/16/15

Early Push To Require The HPV Vaccine May Have Backfired, NHPR, 7/15/15

F.D.A. Extends Deadline for Calorie Counts on Menus, NY Times, 7/9/15

Medicare Plans to Pay Doctors for Counseling on End of Life, NY Times, 7/8/15

Despite National Progress, Colorectal Cancer Hot Spots Remain, NHPR, 7/8/15

‘A Terrible Way To End Someone’s Life’, Kaiser Health News, 7/6/15

Breast cancer and mammograms: Study suggests ‘widespread overdiagnosis’, The Washington Post, 7/6/15

Editorial: N.H. Needs to Discuss End-of-Life Issues, Valley News, 6/19/15

Should Tanning Bed Warnings Take A Cue From Graphic Cigarette Labels?, NPR, 6/11/15


CDC Vital Signs Report, 6/2/15

Gov. Hassan signs bill prohibiting tanning for minors, Union Leader, 6/2/15

High Price Of Cancer Treatment Drugs Is ‘Unsustainable,’ Doctor Says, NHPR, 6/1/15

Feds Say That In Screening Colonoscopies, Anesthesia Comes With No Charge, Kaiser Health News 5/15/15

Skin Cancer Epidemic,, 5/15/15

Tanning is bad for teenagers, The Cabinet, 5/14/15

Smokers More Likely To Quit If Their Own Cash Is On The Line, NPR, 5/13/15

Screening Rates Stalled For Common Cancers, NHPR, 5/7/15

NH has 3rd highest incidence of melanoma, NH Union Leader, 4/29/15

What to expect at a SPOTme skin cancer screening, NH Union Leader, 4/29/15

Why New England Is Such a Hotbed for Skin Cancer,, 4/28/15

It’s too soon to look at e-cigarettes as a positive step, Sentinel Source, 4/24/15

Ethnicity complicates patient-doctor discussion of death, Washington Post, 4/22/15

Officials Weigh Options To Hold Down Medicare Costs For Hospice, Kaiser Health News, 4/23/15

Study: N.H. Makes Gains In Treating Prostate Cancer, NHPR, 4/21/15

Federal Panel Revisits Contested Recommendation On Mammograms, NHPR, 4/21/15

Use Of E-Cigarettes Triples Among U.S. Teens, NHPR 4/16/15

My Turn: E-cigarettes pose threat to New Hampshire’s young lungs, Concord Monitor, 4/15/15

Letter: Consider the end, Concord Monitor, 4/14/15

Another View – Daniel Fortin: E-cigarettes are a genuine health concern for NH youth, Union Leader, 4/14/15

Big Bills A Hidden Side Effect Of Cancer Treatment, NHPR, 4/14/15

Why Some Doctors Are Hesitant To Screen Smokers For Lung Cancer, NPR, 4/13/15

Fundraising party, auction raise money for good cause, Fosters Daily Democrat, 4/10/15

Breast Cancer Survival Rate Improving, Costs are also rising substantially, New Hampshire Voice, 4/7/15

Angelina Jolie Pitt Has Ovaries Removed, Citing Cancer Fears, NHPR, 3/24/15

Why The War On Cancer Hasn’t Been Won, NHPR, 3/24/15

Stats Split On Progress Against Cancer, NHPR, 3/24/15

Department of Health and Human Services Highlights Concerns in New Data Brief “Adolescent Cigarette Smoking and Marijuana Use, NH DHHS Press Release, 3/18/15

Senate committee approves bill to cover oral anti-cancer drugs, Union Leader, 3/16/15

Editorial: Senate should pass bill on teen tanning, Concord Monitor, 3/12/15

COMMUNITY COMMENTARY Smoking and choking go hand in hand for kids in cars, Fosters Daily Democrat, 3/10/15

N.H. House Passes Bill Banning Minors From Using Tanning Beds, NHPR, 3/5/15

Denis B. Hammond, MD: NH oral chemo patients get stuck with outrageous bills, Union Leader, 2/23/15

Editorial: Children of smokers deserve some protection, Concord Monitor, 2/19/15

Cancer Breakthroughs Are Needed In Policy As Well As Science, Forbes, 2/17/15

Timing is everything, GeriPal – A Geriatrics and Palliatave Care Blog, 2/10/15

Only A Small Fraction Of Cancers Are Unpreventable, Think Progress, 2/10/15

Why Is It So Hard for Doctors to Talk to Patients About Death?, PBS Frontline, 2/10/15

Letter: Dangers of tanning, Concord Monitor, 2/5/15

Lung Cancer Now Top Cancer Killer for Women in Rich Nations, ABC, 2/4/15

Local cancer survivors make push for tanning ban for teens, Nashua Telegraph, 2/3/15

Obama Wants Funding For Research On More Precise Health Care, NHPR, 1/30/15

Obama calls on Congress to fund ‘precision medicine’ studies, Twin Cities Pioneer Press, 1/30/15

Is It OK To Pay Pregnant Women To Stop Smoking?, NHPR, 1/28/15

Learning About Hospice Should Begin Long Before You Are Sick, Kaiser Health News, 1/27/15

Disease prevention, health care important to Jaime Hoebeke, Union Leader, 1/25/15

You’ll Never Guess How Much Smoking Costs You in New Hampshire, Concord Patch, 1/21/15

Families First to Hold Free Women’s Cancer Screening Clinic, Portsmouth Patch, 1/22/15

Registration is now OPEN for the NH CCC 10th Annual Meeting, E-blast to NH CCC Members, 1/23/15

Cancer coalition awards grants to three organizations, Union Leader, 1/19/15

State launches ‘Dear Me New Hampshire’ anti-tobacco campaign, WMUR 9, 1/17/15

Institute of Medicine Urges Broader Sharing of Clinical Trial Data, Wall Street Journal, 1/14/15

Racial Bias, Even When We Have Good Intentions, The New York Times, 1/3/15

Specialists Split Over HPV Test’s Role In Cancer Screening, NHPR, 1/8/15

Media Release 1/7/15: NH CCC Awards Funds to Prevent Cancer and Improve Care

N.H. hopes to help tobacco users kick the habit 2015, Concord Monitor, 1/1/15

N.H. needs to end raid on tobacco-settlement funds,, 1/5/15

Breast Cancer Prevention Starts in Childhood, Medscape – login required, 12/8/14

Grant aims to reduce smoking, tobacco use at USNH and CCSNH institutions, Concord Monitor, 12/25/14

Keene medical center to host workshops on how to quit smoking,, 12/24/14

What Happens After You Get That Mammogram, NHPR, 12/18/14

DHHS offers help kicking the habit, Eagle Tribune, 12/17/14

Teens Now Reach For E-Cigarettes Over Regular Ones, NHPR, 12/17/14

Indoor tanning sends thousands to the ER each year: CDC, NY Daily News, 12/16/14

E-Cigarette Use on Rise for Teenagers, Study Finds, The New York Times, 12/16/14

China’s E-Cigarette Boom Lacks Oversight for Safety, The New York Times, 12/13/14

‘Warehouses for the dying’: Are we prolonging life or prolonging death?, Washington Post, 12/12/14

State Laws Prohibiting Sales to Minors and Indoor Use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems — United States, November 2014, CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, pages 1-6, 12/12/14

FDA approves Gardasil 9 for prevention of certain cancers caused by five additional types of HPV, FDA News Release, 12/10/14

Women with Dense Breasts Will Have to Look Beyond Ultrasound for Useful Supplemental Breast Cancer Screening, Dartmouth study informs national debate about screening, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center, 12/9/14

Grant aims to help UNH extinguish cigarettes, Fosters Daily Democrat, 12/2/14

Survey Highlights Gaps in Cervical Cancer Screening Rates, Cancer Network 11/25/14

Celebrating My Second Life Thanks to the “Great American Smokeout” by Carolyn Choate, Nashua, NH, CNN, 11/17/14

Cancer Screening Can Save Lives, Letter to the Editor, Nashua Telegraph, 11/22/14

Cancer Survivors Call on NH to Pass Strong Tobacco Control Legislation, Patch, 11/19/14

The NH Department Of Health And Human Services Celebrates The Great American Smoke Out With NH Universities And Colleges, DHHS Press Release, 11/18/2014

Medicare Proposes Coverage Of Low-Dose CT Scans To Detect Lung Cancer, Kaiser Health News, 11/11/14

Are We Doing All We Can to Prevent Colon Cancer?, Medscape Nurses, 11/10/14

Active Transportation is an Effective Cancer Prevention Strategy

Lung Cancer Screening with Low-Dose CT Could Be Cost Effective, News Wise, Norris Cotton Cancer Center Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, 11/10/14

Excerpt from ‘Being Mortal,’ by Atul Gawande, Boston Globe, 11/09/14

Dover group buys into anti-smoking program, Fosters Daily Democrat, 11/10/14

Campuses Play Host To Tanning Beds, Despite Skin Cancer Risk, NHPR, 10/31/14

Medicare weighs paying for end-of-life counseling, Yahoo News, 10/31/14

Atul Gawande explains why the health care system should stop trying to help everyone live longer, Washington Post, 10/30/14

Reminders May Trigger Advance Care Conversations Earlier, Medscape, 10/28/14

Patients Do Better After Surgery If They Do ‘Prehab’ First, NHPR, 10/29/14

Smokers see little NH tax money helping them to quit, Union Leader, 10/24/14

Report: Cancer Cases Avoidable If Well Owners Test For Arsenic, NHPR, 10/9/14

Families First to offer life-saving cancer screenings Oct. 29,, 10/5/14

New Hampshire women diagnosed with breast cancer quickly find they’re not alone, Concord Monitor, 10/4/14

Beyond Breast Cancer Treatment, Dr. Roshani Patel combines healthy choices and community partnerships for a special kind of cancer care, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center, 9/8/14

Straight Talk About Palliative Care: What Everyone Should Know, Wall Street Journal, 9/14/14

CDC says NH cancer rates among highest in nation,, 9/23/14

Terminally Ill, But Constantly Hospitalized, NPR, 9/21/14

Granite State Has Highest Rate Of Breast Cancer, NHPR, 9/22/14

Panel Urges Overhauling Health Care at End of Life, NY Times, 9/17/14

Man Survives Rare Cancer Thanks to New ‘Targeted’ Therapy, ABC News, 9/16/14

Watch the U.S. quit smoking over 40 years, Washington Post, 9/8/14

Drugstore Chain CVS Kicks Tobacco Habit A Month Early, NHPR, 9/3/14

No more smokes at CVS, CNN Money, 9/3/14

Claremont Closer to Smoke Ban, Valley News, 8/29/14

Coverage for End-of-Life Talks Gaining Ground, NY Times, 8/30/14

Anti-Smoking Ads Featuring Celebrities Smoking Try To Get Kids To Rebel, But It Could Backfire, Medical Daily, 8/27/14

Health Organizations Call For A Ban On E-Cigarettes Indoors, NHPR, 8/26/14

Simple Measures Made Hospital Patients 70% more likely to Quit Smoking, LA Times, 8/19/14

Too Many Cancer Screenings Wasted on Those Facing Death,, 8/18/14

Dartmouth Researchers Target Rapid Destruction of a Protein Responsible for Cancer Cell Resistance to Therapy, Newswise, 8/14/14

Working moms have new breastfeeding rights under the ACA, Reuters, 8/5/14

CDC launches third round of hard-hitting anti-smoking ads, The Nation’s Health – APHA, Aug. 2014

Vermont, New Hampshire Top Melanoma Charts,, 7/30/14

Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer, PDF Document, 7/29/14

Getting Hospice Care Shouldn’t Have To Mean Giving Up, NPR, 7/29/14

Generation of Tanners See Spike in Deadly Melanoma, ABC News, 7/29/14

Increased numbers of NH girls get cervical cancer vaccine, Eagle-Tribune, 7/25/14

Are You Part of the Cover Up?, The Portland Sun, 7/22/14

NH Study Warns of Cancer Risk in Youth Indoor Tanning, Eagle Tribune, 7/14/14

Letter: Tobacco Fight Continues, Concord Monitor, 7/9/14

Top 10 Reasons Why Sunglasses Are More Than Just a Fashion Accessory, ONS Connect, 7/4/14

15 Charts That Prove We’re Far From Post-Racial, Huffington Post, 7/2/14

VT Anti-Smoking Law Among Nation’s Strictest, Burlington Free Press, 6/27/14

Living With Cancer: the New Medicine, New York Times, 6/26/14

Few Doctors Warn Expectant Mothers About Environmental Hazards, NHPR, 6/26/14

Four Hundred and Sixty Brands of E-Cigarettes and Counting: Implications for Product Regulation, BMJ, Tobacco Control 2014-051670

Preemie Baby and Toothless Adults Urge Smokers to Quit in New CDC Ads, Los Angeles Times, 6/24/14

3-D Mammography Finds More Tumors, But Questions Remain, NHPR, 6/24/14

Indoor Tanning Leads to Early Skin Cancer, Study Says,, 6/23/14

Businesses urged to track workforce health, USA Today, 6/19/2014

Electronic Cigarette Executives Get Schooled in Senate Hearing, TIME, 6/18/2014

Treatment and Survivorship Work Group – Forming New Partnerships, Submitted by Terry Steiner, Work Group Co-Chair, 6/18/2014

A Bolder Effort by Big Tobacco on E-Cigarettes, NY Times, 6/17/2014

Chewing Tobacco: A habit all too common in baseball, CNN, 6/17/2014

Medicaid expansion allows for new signups July 1, Union Leader, 6/16/2014

NH urges private well owners to test their water, Seacoast Online, 6/16/2014

No clinic, no problem: Virtual navigation program extends the service to head and neck cancer, Oncology Nurse Advisor, 6/15/2014

Australia’s Graphic Cigarette Pack Warnings Appear to Work, New York Times, 6/11/2014

Young doctor becomes crusader to keep teens out of tanning beds, NHPR, 6/5/2014

Teenage Sunburns Raise Melanoma Risk, The New York Times, 6/5/2014

Cancer survivors in the U.S. — 14.5 million strong and growing, Los Angeles Times, 6/1/2014

FDA now requiring warning labels on tanning beds, Boston Globe, 5/29/2014

Should HPV Testing Replace The Pap Smear?, NHPR, 5/21/2014

Mass General Hospital Investigates the Promise of ALK-Positive Lung Cancer Therapy, Mass General Newsletter, 5/21/2014

E-Cigarette Users May End Up Paying More For Insurance, NHPR, 5/20/2014

Norris Cotton Cancer Center receives 3 year term of accreditation from American College of Radiology, News Medical, 5/20/14

Lung cancer screening could cost Medicare billions, study shows, Fox News, 5/15/14

The Wild West of Nicotine, Hippo Press, 5/14/14

Dartmouth Researchers Find Savings in Cancer Care, Valley News, 5/11/14

North Hampton Community rallies for 8th-grader ‘Sam the Man’ battling cancer, Seacoast Online 5/9/14

New Bike Lanes Coming to Concord, Concord Monitor, 5/8/14

New Know: BRCA Tool Available, CDC, 5/7/14

CDC: 5 Things Cause Two-Thirds of U.S. Deaths, CNN, 5/1/14

First Day of Smoking Ban Drives Manchester’s Housing Residents Outdoors to Light Up, Union Leader, 5/1/14

E-Cigarettes Should Fall Under the Purview of the FDA, Keene Sentinel Editorial, 4/27/14

NH Health Officials Pleased by US Regulation of E-Cigarettes, Eagle-Tribune, 4/27/14

NH Health Experts Say FDA Proposed Rules on E-Cigarettes Only a First Step, Union Leader, 04/24/14

FDA Proposes Crackdown on E-Cigarettes, CNN Health, 4/24/14

The FDA Moves to Regulate Increasingly Popular E-Cigarettes, NHPR, 4/24/145/1/14

FDA Outlines Plan to Regulate E-Cigarettes, Washington Post, 4/24/14

False-positive Mammograms Have Limited Effect on Anxiety, Study Shows, Fox News, 4/22/14

Pot Smoke and Mirrors: Vaporizer Pens Hide Marijuana Use, NHPR, 4/18/14

Nowhere to Hide: KIds , Once Protected, Now Influenced by Tobacco Marketing, D-H Norris Cotton Cancer Center News Release, 4/4/2014

Can Fear of Cancer Keep College Kids From Binge Drinking?, NHPR, 3/25/14

Smoking Proves Hard to Shake Among the Poor, NY Times, 3/24/14

Fighting for NH’s Health, Foster’s Daily Democrat, 3/23/14

Dartmouth Cancer Researchers Issue State-of-the-State on Genetic-Based Testing and Treatment for Breast Cancer, DHMC press release, 3/21/14

State House Live: NH House Kills Bill that Bans Under -18 Tanning, Concord Monitor, 3/19/14

E-Cigarettes and Smoking, NHPR, 3/18/14

NH AG Urges Big-Name Pharmacies to Halt Tobacco Sales, WMUR, 3/18/14

7th-grader’s Effort Paves Way for Smoke-Free Beaches, NH Union Leader, 3/15/14

States Urge Retail Giants With Paharmacies to Stop Selling Tobacco Products, NY Times, 3/16/14

Ex-Smokers Breathe Easier: E-Cigarettes Rise in Popularity But Health Questions Unanswered, Valley News, 3/14/14

NH Kids Wil ‘Kick Butts’ on March 19, Digital Journal PR, 3/13/14

Genetic Sequencing May Not Be Ready to Become Routine, NHPR, 3/11/14

Are Regulations Necessary for E-Cigarettes?, NH Business Review, 3/7/14

The Breast Cancer Racial Gap, NY Times Blog, 3/3/14

Marijuana May Hurt the Developing Teen Brain, NHPR, 3/3/14

Increased Incidence of Thyroid Cancer due to Increase in Diagnosis, Oncology Nurse Advisor, 2/28/14

Lobbyists Amp Up Efforts to Sell Washington on E-Cigarettes, NHPR, 2/26/14

Mammograms,: Are they Needed or Not?,, 2/20/14

Letter: Smart Move, CVS, Concord Monitor, 2/18/14

NH Health Commish Supports CVS Tobacco Removal,, 2/6/14

Statement by HHS Kathleen Sebelius on CVS Announcement, 2/5/14

CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products, NHPR, 2/5/14

Letter: On Smoking, There ‘s More to be Done, Concord Monitor, 01/27/14

Helping Smokers Quit, or Not Start in the First Place, NY TImes, 1/27/14

N.H. Again Graded ‘F’ for Tobacco Prevention, SeacoastOnline, 01/27/14

Derry to Post ‘No Smoking” Signs, Union Leader, 1/24/14

CDC Report Gives NH High Marks, Room to Improve, Union Leader, 1/23/14

NH DHHS and NH Cancer Collaboration Celebrates the Release of the 59th Anniversary Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health, NH DHHS Press Release, 1/17/14

Tobacco Sales to Youth Drop in NH, but Smoking Rates Still High Among Young People in Cheshire County, Keene Sentinel, 1/17/14

The Health Consequences of Smoking-50 Years of Progress, Surgeon General Report, 1/17/14

Who Says Quitters Never Win?, NH Business Review, 1/10/14

50 Years After Landmark Warning, 8 Million Fewer Smoking Deaths, NHPR, 1/7/14

State Offers Help to Those Who Want to Quit Smoking, Seacoastonline, 01/06/13

Teens Having a Harder TIme Buying Tobacco, NHPR, 1/6/13

Tobacco Sales to Youth Drop in 2013, NH Union Leader, 01/06/13

Breast Cancer Screenings: What We Still Don’t Know, NY Times, 12/29/13

Tackling a Racial Gap in Breast Cancer Survival, NY Times, 12/20/13

NH Ranks Fifth, MA. Fourth For Health, Eagle Tribune, 12/16/13

NH Division of Public Health Services Promotes Quitting Tobacco with a Contest, NH DHHS press release, 12/12/13

New Hampshire Fifth Healthiest State in the Nation, United Health Foundations’s America’s Health Rankings Report, 12/11/13

National Report: NH Ranks 48th in Protecting Kids From Tobacco,Sacramento Bee,12/9/13

Study Finds Many Lung Cancer Tumors Prove Harmless, Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/9/13

Lawmakers in 2014 May Tighten NH’s 2007 Smoking Ban, Concord Monitor, 12/8/13

Palliative Care, the Treatment That Respects Pain, NY Times, 12/2/13

Sick Lungs Don’t Show, Breathe NH video, 11/20/13

Colorectal Cancer Tests Save Lives, CDC Vital Signs, 11/2013

How Doctors Die – Showing Others the Way, NYT, 11/19/13

NYC Bans Tobacco Sales to Anyone Under Age 21,, 11/20/13

Ten Things E-Cigarettes Won’t Tell You, Wall Street Journal, 11.10.13

Doctors Slow to Embrace Recommended HPV Testing, NHPR, 11/7/13

Research funding opportunity announced by Northern New England Clincal Oncology Society, deadline 11/16/13

Making Strides to End Breast Cancer in Dover,, 10/15/13

Free Breast Cancer Screenings Offered at Families First, Seacoastonline, 10/14/13

DHHS Announces Medicaid Care Management Sessions for Clients, NH DHHS, 9/30/13

The Shutdown’s Squeeze on Science and Health, NHPR, 10/1/13

Regulate E-cigarettes Like Tobacco Products, 40 Attorneys General Urge FDA, CBS News, 9/24/13

NH Children Would Benefit from President’s Plan to Expand Early Education With Tobacco Tax Increase, New Report Shows, The Wall Street Journal, 9/25/13

Graphic Ads Motivate Smokers to Quit, NY Times, 9/10/13

Why Younger Women Could Benefit From Mammograms After All, NHPR, 9/9/13

Planning for the End: A Look at Advance Directives, NHPR, 8/29/13

A Chat With the Doctor Can Help Kids Resist Smoking, NHPR, 8/26/13

Sweet Cigarillos and Cigars Lure youths to Tobacco, Critics Say, NHPR, 8/26/13

How Hospitals Can Help Patients Quit Smoking Before Surgery, NHPR, 8/22/13

Cigna to Require Genetic Counseling Before Gene Tests Related to Cancers, Union Leader, 8/20/13

In All Flavors, Cigars Draw in Young Smokers, NY Times, 8/16/13

Progress on Childhood Obesity: Many States Show Declines, CDC Vital Signs, August 2013

When Treating Abnormal Breast Cells, Sometimes Less is More, NHPR, 8/5/13

Health Beat: Aestheticians Learn to be on the Look Out for Melanoma, Concord Monitor, 8/4/13

Panel Backs Lung Cancer Screening for Some Smokers,, 7/29/13

Panel Urges Lung Cancer Screening for Millions of Americans, NHPR, 7/29/13

UNH Health Policy Institute Wins $150K Grant, Anchorage Daily News, 7/29/13

NH Hair Stylists Join the Fight Against Skin Cancer, Union Leader, 7/24/13

NH Tobacco Tax to Rise Aug. 1, Seacoast Online, 7/10/13

Failure to Communicate Between Doctors and Men About PSA Test, NHPR, 7/11/13

New Smoking Cessation Campaign Offers Support for the “Quitter in You”, Wall Street Journal, 6/24/13

Vaccine Against HPV Has Cut Infection in Teenage Girls, NHPR, 6/19/13

End-of-Life Care and Cost: Dartmouth Atlas’ Puzzling Findings, Dartmouth Atlas, 6/18/13

Mark Hayward’s City Matters: Smoke-free living divides apartment tenants, Union Leader, 6/12/13

Special Report: Time to Take Skin Cancer Seriously- NH Has Seventh Highest Rate in the Nation, Fosters Daily Democrat, 6/2/13

No Smoking Outside Starbucks Shops Starting Saturday, NHPR, 5/31/13

NH CIty and State Health Departments Encourage Residents to Quit Tobacco Use, NH DHHS Press Release, 5/29/13

Division of Public Health Recognizes “Don’t Fry Day”, NH DHHS Press Release, 5/24/13

NH Senate Rejects Tobacco Tax Hike, Seacoastonline, 5/23/13

2nd Annual Race for the Cure Set for May 11,, 5/5/13

Urologists Recommend Less PSA Testing for Prostate Cancer, NHPR, 5/3/13

A healthy choice for NH Senate, Editorial, 4/13/13

Robert Wood Johnson and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Launch New Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, 4/11/13 news release

Cigarette tax increase seen as a deterrent to youth smoking, Union Leader, 4/9/13

NH CCC annual conference presentations available: Navigating Turbulent Waters: Reducing the Burden of Cancer in Individuals and Communities was held March 20, 2013.

Bottom of the pack: New Hampshire trailing all states in spending on tobacco prevention and cessation programs, Nashua Telegraph, 3/24/13

Monthly Checkup: Colon Cancer Awareness Month, WMUR, 3/21/13

UPDATED: House approves tobacco settlement, to net about $17 million, Union Leader, 3/20/13

NH Kids Will ‘Kick Butts’ on Wednesday, March 20, Wall Street Journal, 3/15/13

News Release: NH CCC annual conference, 3/13/13

Senate Approves Tobacco Settlement, Union Leader, 3/14/13

More Tobacco Settlement Money Headed for NH, Union Leader, 3/12/13

Stubbing Out Cigarettes for Good, New York Times Op Ed, 3/1/13

Insurance Rates for Smokers Under Fire in NH, Seacoast Online, 3/1/13

New Hampshire Department of Health Declares Through with Chew Week, DHHS news release, 2/15/13

Hassan Says Casino, Tobacco Tax Hike Would Fund Budget, Eagle Tribune, 2/14/13

Letter: Preventing Cancer, Concord Monitor, 2/8/13

Young Melanoma Survivors Speak to Teens in NH about Tanning Risks, Tanning Forums to be Held Feb. 15 & 16, NH CCC News release 2/7/13

February 4 Designated Cancer Prevention Day in NH, Seacoast Online, 2/04/13

Exeter Hospital Expands its Cancer Center, Union Leader, 2/3/13

DHHS Recognizes National ‘Wear Red Day’ to Promote Heart Disease Awareness, NH DHHS press release, 2/1/13

American Lung Association Gives Failing Grade to NH on Tobacco, Eagle- Tribune, 1/24/2013

Female Smokers Face Greater Risk Than Previously Thought, NHPR, 1/24/13

Dermatologists blast tanning industry campaign to play down skin cancer fears,, 1/22/2013

Lung Association wants $1 hike in NH Tobacco Tax, Union Leader, 1/16/13

NH Receives Low Grades on Smoking Prevention, Seacoast Online, 1/16/2013

NH Must Invest to Curb Smoking, Seacoast Online, 1/7/2013

Pap Tests for Cervical Cancer Often Are Wasted, NHPR, 1/3/2013

Breast Cancer: What We Learned in 2012, NHPR, 1/1/2013

Are e-cigarettes blowing smoke?, Union Leader, 12/29/2012

Online Education Didn’t Boost Colon Cancer Screening Much, NHPR, 12/21/2012

Tobacco Sales To Youth In NH Increased In 2012, NH DHHS press release, 12/20/2012

A Cigarette-tax Boost Should Come With a Promise to Fund Prevention Programs, Keene Sentinel, 12/11/2012

Letter: Unnecessary Costs, Concord Monitor, 12/10/2012

Report: State Ranks Last in Anti-Smoking Efforts, NHPR, 12/7/2012

Broken Promises to Our Children: The 1998 State Tobacco Settlement 14 Years Later, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Report, 12/06/2012

Arsenic Likely in Nearly 40 Percent of New Hampshire’s Groundwater, US Geological Survey, 12/04/2012

Helping Smokers Quit: Tobacco Cessation Coverage 2012 Report, American Lung Association, 12/03/2012

Time to Fund Smoking Prevention Programs, Nashua Telegraph, 11/29/2012

NH Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration’s “Emerging Issues” Work Group Releases Brief, Taking the Fear Out of Palliative Care, 11/1/2012

Pink Thinking Turns Yellow, Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at D-H Norris Cotton Cancer Center -10/2/12

Statement on Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Kathleen Sebelius, US HHS Secretary- NCI Cancer Bulletin- 10/2/12

New Hampshire Program Offers FREE Breast Cancer Screenings to Women Who Meet Eligibility Criteria- 10/1/12

Tobacco Use Among Youth in New Hampshire issue brief developed by NH Tobacco Prevention and Control Program- 8/12

Cancer collaboration elects Board- Union Leader 9/16/12

Cancer organization names Morse to the Board -Seacoastonline 9/16/12

NH CCC Names New Board Members – 8/29/2012

CDC says graphic anti-smoking ads work, more on the way- 8/6/2012

NH cigarette tax cut hurt public health, too- 7/15/2012

On-screen smoking may turn teens on to cigarettes- 7/8/2012

Officials praise new Nashua cancer center- 6/23/2012

Officials discuss need for more cancer research funding- 6/22/2012

Doctors got it right in anti-smoking letter- 4/12/2012

State should target youth tobacco use- 4/2/2012

NH CCC Awards Pacts for Screening and End-of-Life Care, Union Leader, 1/26/2012

NH CCC to Support Cancer Prevention and Treatment Programs- 1/25/2012

National Report: NH Ranks Last in Protecting Kids from Tobacco – 12/6/2011

Sponsor Information and Downloads from our 2012 Annual Meeting, Cancer Survivorship: Four- Dimensional Approach to a National Challenge

Sponsor Information and Downloads from our 2011 Annual Meeting, Cancer and the Health Reform Environment: New Opportunities and New Partnerships

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