I hope you had the opportunity to attend our highly engaging Annual Meeting, “Cancer Care in New Hampshire:  Understanding the Patient Experience” on April 6th.  Many attendees echoed my reaction that the program captured the range and inter-relatedness of our interests and efforts to eliminate cancer in the state.

I am reiterating and extending a call, that I issued at the Annual Meeting, for members to submit ideas for future NH CCC collaborative initiatives.  In conjunction with the issuance of the 2015-2020 cancer plan, NH CCC reorganized around the concept of “task forces” where members work together to reach specific milestones over a defined period of time. I encourage those of you who are interested to take advantage of our existing NH CCC forums to help us work on specific steps toward achieving objectives in the cancer plan.

To date, our initial three forums have demonstrated the intended effectiveness of Task Forces.  The Equity Task Force has pursued increasing access to recommended cancer screenings for food service business owners/managers in Berlin/Gorham and Nashua.  The Shared Decision-Making Task Force has launched training sessions, on engaging patients in care choices, and spun-off a focus group centered on lung cancer screening decisions.  The Quality of Life Task Force has surveyed and produced aides to address pain management and prevention, and it now is implementing in NH a nationwide Hospice Foundation of America public awareness campaign on the importance of advanced care planning conversations.  In addition to your ideas that may warrant new Task Forces, an opportunity now exists for new ideas to capture the interest of these existing forums as they look beyond the initial milestones that launched their formulation last year.

Personally, I have helped NH CCC produce information briefs on emerging issues in need of recognition, clarification, and consideration.  Examples in the past year have included aspirin and cancer prevention, breast density, immunotherapy, and youth weight and adult cancer risk.  I encourage members to propose new emerging issues in which others would benefit from learning more.

In summary, I hope to hear more about your interest in new initiatives in pursuit of objectives and goals in the New Hampshire Cancer Plan.  I would be happy to partner with you on engaging your NH CCC colleagues, either through adoption by existing Task Forces, launch of new Task Forces, or emerging issue briefs; to pursue opportunities for joint efforts to advance our mutual interests in eliminating cancer in our state. Please contact Judy Proctor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know of your areas of interest.