Jenna Schiffelbein, MPH, RD, LD, CHES is a true champion for the NH Comprehensive Cancer Collaboration. Jenna’s career has always included a wellness component, from the school environment to worksite wellness to healthy communities. This is true as well in her current role as the Community Health Educator for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

Jenna is involved in many activities that are advancing the NH Cancer Plan. As a member of the Equity Task Force, the group targeted populations less likely to receive cancer screenings and mailed information about free breast and cervical screening services and tobacco treatment resources, to 1,500 food service establishments.

Now as Co-leader of the Task Force, Jenna is guiding the group’s current project—distributing tobacco educational materials and a needs assessment survey to 1,200 food service managers throughout the state. Information to be gathered includes perception of smoking among their employees; how it affects the workplace; existing policies in place; and how smoking can best be addressed in their workplace settings.

The goal is to assist these businesses with reducing smoking among employees. The 2015 smoking rate among the restaurant/accommodations industry was 36%, which is twice the state prevalence. In partnership with the American Cancer Society, Jenna helped establish the NH HPV Vaccine Stakeholders Working Group, which is focused on increasing the percentage of NH youth who complete the recommended HPV vaccination series.

This supports the Cancer Plan’s goal of fostering communities and systems that support and reinforce healthy lifestyles. Various initiatives are occurring across the state, including screenings and discussions of the documentary Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic. The current focus is on educating healthcare providers about how to talk with parents about the HPV vaccine, as well as educating parents about the importance and effectiveness of the vaccine.

Additionally, part of Jenna’s role at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center is educating the public about colorectal cancer prevention and screening. Jenna is collaborating with the National Cancer Institute and its 2017 Screen to Save (S2S) initiative. S2S seeks to increase colorectal cancer screening throughout the U.S., especially among racially and ethnically diverse populations and in rural areas. Outreach events are occurring in NH and VT counties where the screening rates are lowest.

You will be sure to find Jenna at one of these events and perhaps a health exhibit that includes an inflatable colon!